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A year in review

Now that 2017 has officially been rung in, we here at UNdertheC wanted to take a moment to look back to 2016 and review some of our most popular posts from 2016! But first, we’d like to thank the 18,000+ visitors that visited us this year! We couldn’t do it without you (and are genuinely thrilled we have this many readers) – thanks guys! And without further ado: our top 5 posts of 2016:

5. How to support positive action on climate change in Trump’s America by Justin Baumann

Great article for positive, easy, and impactful ways to advocate for the environment in the next administration. Some good ideas to include in your New Year Resolutions!

4. Teach yourself R without losing your mind by Kathleen Onorevole

An essential for anybody slogging through data this dreary winter season. Kathleen keeps it witty (and oh so helpful!) with this how-to!

3. The future of coral reefs: will super El Nino’s destroy “super” corals? by Justin Baumann

A good reminder that everything is connected (El Nino and corals) and that there is still a lot that we don’t know = science funding is important!

2. Warren County, NC: Birthplace of Environmental Justice by Kathleen Onorevole

A fantastic article written about the many issues facing our country in the past (and continue to face). Often environmental advocacy and civil rights goes hand in hand.

1. Fake Plastic Fish: how consumerism ruins the ocean by Justin Baumann

And finally, a awesome article about the impact of plastics on our ocean and how we really, really need to reduce this impact. Plus, some really great ways YOU can reduce the impact of plastics on our oceans.

And that’s our 2016 year in review! Here’s to a happy, healthy, and hopeful 2017.

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