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The big reveal: Top 10 Science Puns

From Urban Ecology Center

Too cute! From Urban Ecology Center

In light of Valentine’s day, we here at UNdertheC blog decided to put a science-y spin on the holiday and compile the Top 10 corniest science puns.  We called on you the readers, our friends, neighbors, and colleagues, and, of course, Chemistry Cat for divine inspiration and came up with a pretty eye-roll inducing list.  So without further ado…

The Top 10 Science Puns (in no specific order…):

1) I’ve got my ion you. (courtesy of @kirkenglehardt)

2) Most of my puns are solid gold, and I even have a platinum hits list specifically for chemistry, though it doesn’t always get a reaction. (thanks Justin McNabb)

3) Did you hear about the guy who got cooled to absolute zero?  He’s 0k now. (lolz due to Camia Charniga)

4) Have you heard that entropy isn’t what it used to be? (Oh, BuzzFeed)

5) The name’s Bond, Ionic Bond. Taken, not shared (courtesy of Chemistry Cat)

6) An electron and a neutron walk into the bar and order a beer. The bartender looks at the neutron and says, “For you, no charge.” (You’re the best, Karla Piedl)

7) A photon checks into a hotel and is asked if he needs help with his luggage. He says, “No. I’m traveling light”. (Thanks Camia Charniga)

8) The rotation of earth really makes my day! (hehe, courtesy of Science Jokes Daily)

9) A physicist and a biologist had a relationship but there was no chemistry. (thanks Chemistry Cat)

10) And finally….While I do have some more good ones I would have to Boron and on through the bad ones to get to them. I did Barium pretty deep. (courtesy of Justin McNabb)

And for some other really adorable Valentine’s Day cards to hand out to all your science/nature friends, check out Urban Ecology Center on facebook!

Even a marine science Valentine!  Thanks Outdoor Ecology Center

Even a marine science Valentine! Thanks Outdoor Ecology Center

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