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Hear That?! New Podcast Highlights Ocean Science


Looking for another great platform to get your ocean science fix?  Every Tuesday you can catch a brand new episode of my Ocean Allison Podcast, where I interview individuals working to better understand and protect our watery planet.


Much like the creators of this blog site, I am passionate about ocean science communication. I strive to provide scientists with a place to highlight their work.  And in turn, provide listeners the opportunity to learn about cutting edge research.      


A few highlight episodes with lots of sciencey goodness:


Dr. Greg Rouse of Scripps Institution of Oceanography talks about discovering hundreds of new species throughout the world’s oceans. From bone-eating worms to ruby seadragons, hear how his work to better understand the evolutionary history of marine species has led him to so many new discoveries. During this episode we also discuss topics like dark taxa, the importance of photography in research science, and how our growing knowledge of the ocean needs to be applied to protect it.


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Dr. Lauren Toth of The United States Geological Survey is a coral reef scientist studying the fossil record of coral reefs in Pacific Panama and the Florida Keys to answer questions about the future of these fragile and important ocean ecosystems. Hear how Lauren and colleagues obtain coral reef cores, what cutting-edge methods they use to analyze them, and what projections she has for the future of coral reefs from understanding their past history.


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Maggie Amsler of University of Alabama Birmingham is a marine biologist and ecologist with more than 30 years of experience doing research in Antarctica. She has contributed so much to our knowledge of Antarctic marine ecosystems, that there is now an island named after her. Yes, an actual Antarctic island named Amsler Island! In this episode, we discuss her broad range of experiences from researching krill, to researching chemical interactions of nearshore organisms, to what it’s like diving beneath a ceiling of ice with penguins and krill darting all around.


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While many Ocean Allison Podcast episodes highlight ocean scientists like the ones described above, there is also a wide variety of people from other disciplines that are featured on the show. From pro surfers, to artists, to conservationists, to teachers, to filmmakers and more my podcast shows that there is an amazing versatility of people out there doing good for the ocean. So if that interests you as well, then all the more reason to tune in!


All Ocean Allison Podcast episodes can be heard on Soundcloud, the iPhone Podcast App, and on my website at Subscribers, likes, and comments are always appreciated, as well as suggestions of who you’d like to hear on the podcast.  Find me and the podcast on social media @ocean_allison to stay up to date with episodes and related happenings.


To help keep the podcast episodes coming, listeners can contribute a dollar or more per episode via Watch the video to learn more, the ocean and I greatly appreciate your support.


Happy Listening!

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