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Living with Diatoms Part I: A Marine Science Podcast!

Today I have something a little different to share–my first ever podcast! It’s diatom-themed (of course) and in it I discuss what diatoms are, what it’s like to research them, and why you should care about them in the first place. I’m far more used to writing blog posts than creating something audio-based, so this was definitely a learning experience, but I really enjoyed the process! Stay tuned for Part II of Living with Diatoms, where I interview some of the graduate students in my lab to see what life’s like as a scientist studying diatoms.


2 thoughts on “Living with Diatoms Part I: A Marine Science Podcast!

  1. Wowed by the informative and entertaining discussion of diatoms.. Who knew? It is an art for a scientist to explain scientific concepts in a way non-scientists can understand -and you do it very well!


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