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Photography Friday: A Beautiful Day for the Beach?

Photo by Kathleen Onorevole, July 2012.

Photo by Kathleen Onorevole, July 2012.

When temperatures plummet and cabin fever sets in, many begin to daydream wistfully about sunny summer days on the beach.  Residents of Sonoma County, California, however, may be able to count such days on one hand.  Although the county’s famous vineyards receive plenty of sun year-round, the coastline is commonly “fogged in” and windy, as this July photograph illustrates.  Far from condemning outdoor excursions, overcast skies can enhance a favorite site by refocusing attention on the smaller details of the surroundings.  Would bright blue skies prevent you from appreciating the varied textures and colors of the vegetation on the cliffs, or detract from the drama of the rocks offshore?  Perhaps!

This winter, whether you live in a sunbelt or need to shovel your driveway every day, try visiting your favorite natural destination on a gloomy day.  You may be surprised by the new aspects you appreciate when the weather isn’t center stage.

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