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Film Friday: Restoring East Coast Oysters

Things have been a little slow as we ease into summer schedules here at UNdertheC, but check back next week as we resume our regular posting schedule!  Until then, today’s Film Friday ushers in the first official beach weekend of the year with a neat infographics video about oyster restoration.  The video, made by a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, focuses on oyster restoration in my homestate of NJ.  Entrepreneurs and conservation organizations like the NY/NJ Baykeeper have been implementing oyster restoration initiatives in NY/NJ over the past few years, partially spurred on by the promise of storm surge protection after the impacts of Hurricane Sandy.  NJ is not alone in this effort: regions throughout the country are attempting to bolster their oyster populations, and here at the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences, an oyster reef restoration literally in our own backyard will be underway sometime next month.  This video explains that there’s good reason for such projects, as oysters are beneficial to the local ecology and economy.  If you’re hitting the water this weekend, see if you can spot any restoration projects in your area!

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