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Photography Friday: Seahorse

Check out our previous related posts this week about Poseidon’s Steed and seahorses as stealth predators!

Photo credit to Randy Travis in Thailand See Randy's Website: http://www.randytravisunderwater.com/index.html

Photo credit to Randy Travis in Thailand
See Randy’s Website: http://www.randytravisunderwater.com/index.html

More fun facts about seahorses:

  • Seahorses are monogamous and the males bear the young.
  • They are poor swimmers and can die of exhaustion during storms.
  • They have no teeth or stomach so food passes extremely quickly through their digestive systems. Seahorses have to eat almost constantly to stay alive!
  • Population data for seahorses is generally lacking but several species are vulnerable to extinction due to habitat depletion and pollution.

Find more information here!

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